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Window Glass Repair

Double-paned windows, also called insulated glass units, are sealed to maximize insulation, however, if that seal breaks, cracks, or otherwise fails, moisture enters between the panes and accumulates in the form of water spots. This reduces the appeal of your home and remarkably decreases the insulating properties of the window. You can save money by having the glass replaced rather than replacing the entire window.

Broken Glass Repair

Accidents happen, whether it’s a shattered glass door pane, a cracked window, or a broken mirror, APL Glass Windows and More can help you with your repair. We offer a variety of options such as a clear, cardinal and low-e glass, tempered or annealed, with or without grids, custom shapes and so much more. Call us today to set up an appointment for a free estimate!

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Did you know?

Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25% to 30% of residential energy use. To keep your windows up to date and working properly, follow these next steps.

  1. Inspect your windows annually.
  2. Take note of imperfections or new spots in any area.
  3. Clean and lubricate the window tracks.
  4. Pay special attention to the caulking around windows.
  5. Inspect the glass carefully for any change of color or water trapped inside the panels.
  6. Close and open windows at least every change of season because exposure to elements, accumulation of dust and debris, and wear and tear may affect the right performance.
  7. CALL US IF YOU SEE ANY PROBLEM and we will provide the best solution.

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Window Glass Repair

Replacing an entire window can be quite a headache. Between finding a new window unit with your particular measurements, setting up a new window frame and finding a knowledgeable technician to install it, it can cost you hundreds of dollars. APL Glass Windows and More offers an affordable alternative in which we replace the glass itself while preserving the frame of the window. We offer free on-site assessments, can replace windows with your specific measurements and shape, and carry a wide variety of glass options that fit within your budget.

Glass Shower Doors

Are you looking to add value to your home or want to remodel your bathroom to add more light and space? Transform your bathroom with a custom glass shower enclosure! We offer framed, semi-framed and frameless glass shower enclosures, with an abundant number of finishing colors, and an option between clear or frosted glass- the design possibilities are endless. Our glass specialists will work with you to design and install a custom shower that will work with your bathroom’s layout and space, in accordance with your budget, and most importantly, suit your bathroom’s aesthetic.


Custom mirrors are beautiful assets that enhance the overall appearance of any space. The beauty of a custom glass mirror from APL Glass Windows and More is that you can customize it to your exact specifications down to the shape, size, and type of edge, and have it installed by an experienced technician. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom mirrors, setting up mirrors for your home gym, hanging a mirror in your walk-in closet, or adding a mirror to a custom frame, we can help.

Installation & Repair

Sometimes windows are in need of maintenance and repair without the need to replace the glass unit. APL Glass Windows and More specializes in repairing weather stripping, window screens, balance springs, operators, locking latches and much more. We offer free on-site assessments in which our technician will discuss the best course of action given your needs and budget. If you already possess the hardware or glass needed for your project but need help installing it, give us a call and our window technicians will be happy to install it for you.
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Brian Bell

I had a wonderful experience working with the whole team at APL. I needed help during a real estate transaction to replace some failing windows that were out of warranty. After several frustrating and failed attempts to resolve it myself with the manufacturer, APL came to my rescue! Martha said, “Don’t worry anymore… we will take care of everything.” And they did! They provided turn-key, white-glove service. I highly recommend their professional, responsive, and courteous service.

Susan Tirgarth


I have been using Patrick for years. I also refer him to friends and family. He is always professional and prompt! The communication between his office and clients is always on top. I will definitely continue using him!

Zach Reynolds

Home Owner

Amazing service. I want a company to replace mirrors in my gym. Patrick did it in one day. Thank you.