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Need to upgrade your shower doors?

Are you looking to add value to your home or want to remodel your bathroom to add more light and space? Transform your bathroom with a custom glass shower enclosure! We offer framed and semi-framed glass shower enclosures, with an abundant number of finishing colors, and an option between clear or frosted glass- the design possibilities are endless. Our glass specialists will work with you to design and install a custom shower that will work with your bathroom’s layout and space, in accordance with your budget, and most importantly, suit your bathroom’s aesthetic.

What are the Differences Between the Types of Shower Doors and Enclosures?

What is a Frameless Shower Door or Enclosure?

Frameless shower doors are almost entirely composed of glass, with a minimal amount of metal needed to support it, typically just hinges, clips, and a handle or towel bar. This type of enclosure gives a modern and luxurious look, provides excellent visibility in the shower as well as the feeling of being in a larger room. Frameless shower doors are very popular because they let the owners show off their bathroom’s exquisite stone work and tile work more effectively.

What is a Semi-Frameless Shower Door or Enclosure?

If you are seeking an aesthetic shower enclosure that is between frameless and framed glass, the semi-frameless shower enclosure is a great option for you. This type of enclosure has some metal framing on the side of the fix panels connecting with the walls, but not around the doors, and sometimes has a header or “U” channel for stability. Semi-frameless doors maintain a modern and clean look all while saving a bit of money compared to a totally frameless shower door or enclosure.

What is a Framed Shower Door or Enclosure?

Framed glass shower doors or enclosures are a great way to upgrade from plastic shower curtains to a clean polished look. They offer durability by using a meal frame to stabilize the glass, easy installation and better leak protection than frameless glass doors or enclosures. This type of shower enclosure is usually recommended for small spaces or if working with a tighter budget as this is the most affordable option of the three.

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